TS Galaxy: the history of this South African Football team

TS Galaxy’s journey is inspiring, especially considering they were only formed in 2015 and played in the lower league before being promoted to the National First Division in 2018.

TS Galaxy’s success can be attributed to their team spirit, hard work, and commitment to achieving their goals. Their head coach, Dan Malesela, also deserves credit for his tactical prowess and ability to bring out the best in his players.


The team’s most memorable achievement came in the 2019 Nedbank Cup Final when they beat Kaizer Chiefs, one of South Africa’s biggest football clubs. This victory demonstrated TS Galaxy’s potential to compete with the best teams in the country.

Overall, TS Galaxy’s journey serves as an inspiration to other lower league teams and young players in South Africa. It shows that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible in South African football.

How has the recent success of Ts Galaxy impacted the development and growth of football in South Africa?

Ts Galaxy’s recent success has had a significant impact on the development and growth of football in South Africa. The club’s victory in the 2018/19 Nedbank Cup, which is one of the most prestigious knockout competitions in the country, brought attention to their unique story as a team that was only formed in 2015 and rose quickly through the lower divisions.

This success has inspired other lower league teams in South Africa to aim for similar achievements and has highlighted the importance of investing in youth development and scouting. It has also shown that smaller clubs can compete with and beat more established teams, creating a more level playing field in South African football.

Ts Galaxy’s success has also brought attention to the importance of providing opportunities for players who come from disadvantaged backgrounds or who may have been overlooked by bigger clubs. The team has a strong focus on giving their players a chance to showcase their skills and prove themselves on the field.

What role have the key players in the Ts Galaxy team played in their recent achievements, and how have they influenced the wider South African football scene?

The key players of the Ts Galaxy team have played a crucial role in their recent achievements. One of the most impactful players has been Zakhele Lepasa, who scored the winning goal in the 2019 Nedbank Cup final against Kaizer Chiefs. Another key player is Karabo Tshepe, who was named the player of the tournament during the same competition.

These players, along with others such as Sizwe Mdlinzo and Mlungisi Mbunjana, have not only helped Ts Galaxy win the Nedbank Cup, but they have also put the spotlight on the team and the wider South African football scene.

Their success has inspired other teams and players in the country to strive for excellence and has shown that even smaller teams can achieve greatness. Additionally, their performances have caught the attention of bigger clubs, with Lepasa being signed by Orlando Pirates and Tshepe being linked to Kaizer Chiefs.

What challenges have Ts Galaxy faced in their journey to the top, and how have they overcome these obstacles to establish themselves as a prominent team in South African football?

Ts Galaxy is a relatively young football club that was founded in 2018. Their journey to the top has not been without challenges. Firstly, they had to overcome financial hurdles to establish themselves as a professional outfit. This meant scouting for sponsors and investors willing to put their money into the team. Secondly, they had to prove their mettle on the pitch by winning matches and earning promotion to higher tiers of South African football.

To overcome the financial hurdles, Ts Galaxy management had to be creative in their approach. They sourced funding locally and internationally to support the team’s operations. Additionally, they worked hard to build a strong fan base that could sustain the team’s operations through match attendance and purchasing of merchandise.

On the pitch, the team had to perform beyond expectations to earn promotion to the higher tiers of South African football. They worked hard on building a cohesive and disciplined squad that could compete with the bigger, more established teams. Through teamwork and dedication, Ts Galaxy won the National First Division title in their debut season, earning promotion to the elite Premier Soccer League.

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